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Ventrillo has Arrived!
Apr 19, 10 7:13 AM
Guild FIRST Elite Kill!
Apr 18, 10 6:56 PM
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Avalanche is a newly formed guild that is recruiting experienced and mature players (pref. ages 18+) to start focusing on ICC 10 heroic. In the heart of the guild there are five friends from different parts of Europe who transfered from Bronzebeard EU in hope of finding the joy of raiding once more. We take raiding seriously but have a laidback attitude; raiding is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not work. In our raids you won't be hearing stressed out raidleaders nerd raging to Vent. Our strength is communication and our whole officer team has a similar view how things should be run. If guild members have suggestions we are glad to hear them out. We prefer a small tight-knit raider-team with minimal rotation.

In the future we will be expanding the guild to a 25 man team but for now we are a 10 man raiding guild.

We want dedicated team players who take raiding seriously and are able to sign to farm nights and progression nights. It is advisable to be able to attend every raid and stay till the end of the raid, but we do understand that sometimes real life just happens. Our official raid times are currently wednesday, thursday and sunday starting from 20:30 realm time and ending around 23:30. You should be online aproximately 30 minutes before the raid starts. You are not here only for the loot or your personal dps, you care more about the general progression of the guild. You know how to listen to instructions and follow them. You must study the tactics to encounters before hand. When in raid we don't want to hear from you that you have no idea what is going to happen in the encounter in hand. If you want to become a member of Avalanche remember to bring your sense of humor and a passionate attitude towards raiding with you.

We require you to run certain add-ons during raids, these are DBM, oRA2, AVR+AVRE and Omen. Also you should have Group Calendar 5 for attending raids, and Ventrilo 3 installed and the opportunity to listen during raids, speaking isn't mandatory. In raids it is mandatory to use consumables, usually a fish feast will be supplied by the guild but you should still have a class appropriate food buff available. You also have to have a flask or two elixirs on you when a boss encounter starts.

If you have any guestions concerning Avalanche feel free to whisper our GM Neraatu or our officers Ozzmoziz, Elgrim or Idania in-game.

- Avalanche Team

NOTE_07th of June 2010: At the moment our recruitment is closed and building up the guild is put on ice due to real-life reasons (work, studies, continuous computer issues etc.). For now the guild is an idle place for alts and friends n stuff.
-Avalanche Team

Recruitment status:

Death Knight: CLOSED
Hunter: CLOSED
Paladin: CLOSED
Priest: CLOSED
Shaman: CLOSED
Warlock: CLOSED
Warrior: CLOSED

Even though there'd be no spot open for certain class/spec atm, we always consider expectional applications as well. =)

Note: The guild application questions come right at the start when you join/register to the forum and after you've filled your account information.
Other Guild News

Ventrillo has Arrived!

avalanchesm, Apr 19, 10 7:13 AM.
Vent Server is now online, information will be put into guild info shortly.


Guild FIRST Elite Kill!

avalanchesm, Apr 18, 10 6:56 PM.
Oh yes... Hogger is dead... :)
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